An easy way for young companies to outperform established competitors

Growing a company is never easy, and it’s not unusual for businesses in the post-startup stages to eye larger competitors with jealousy. Those bigger players have scaled to the point where they have deeper resources and better division of labor. How can the up-and-comers compete effectively if they can’t realistically access the same resources?... Read More

Family vacation homes: What’s the plan?

The vacation home where you spent family time growing up holds many wonderful childhood memories. What’s next for that home? Some family members may have strong feelings about keeping the property and others may be okay with moving on. So what can you do now to preserve the family memories and avoid future conflicts?  ... Read More

Trails deliver better lives for Hoosiers

In January, when Gov. Eric Holcomb announced in his State of the State address that he has earmarked $29.5 million for the development of the Monon South Trail, he did more than launch a new recreational pathway through southern Indiana.... Read More

Teamwork for engineers

Labor force problems will remain severe, and unmet labor needs can stifle growth. The inevitably higher costs of talent require new emphasis on making teams much more effective. Fortunately, there are ways to do this, and we need not wait for artificial intelligence and other future technologies.... Read More

Options for charitable giving

Philanthropic giving by Americans in 2021 totaled nearly $485 billion!  Of that amount, individuals like you gave 67% or $327 billion.  Question:  Are you using the best strategy and getting the most “bang for the buck” when donating to your favorite charity?... Read More

Navigating the new year’s housing market

Ask anyone who bought or sold a home last year: 2022 was a rollercoaster of rising mortgage rates, inflation taking a bite out of household buying power and a more balanced real estate market after two years of surging demand. Home values increased but sale prices slowed as higher lending rates pushed homebuyers to reduce their budgets or rethink their plans.... Read More

The importance of accessibility in the DEIA conversation

For a long time, diversity, equity and inclusion, DEI, has been top of mind for organizations of all sizes across all sectors of our economy, but DEI alone is not enough. One critical element is missing from the well-known acronym — the “A.” It stands for accessibility.... Read More

Choose your words carefully

Words.  There is much spoken, written, and recorded about the use of words.  The ones you choose may be right, wrong, motivational, discouraging, instructional or otherwise.  Words are written as lyrics, poems, stories and more but there’s one common denominator. ... Read More

Inflation hedge in 2022: Bitcoin vs. gold

Last year, a spike in inflation caught the attention of investors (and the Fed). As a result, many Bitcoin enthusiasts were excited about the opportunity to prove the coin’s value against inflation as “digital gold.”... Read More

We have to protect those who protect and serve us

Each January, we honor Fire Fighter Cancer Awareness Month. Firefighter occupational cancer is the leading cause of line-of-duty death in the fire service. While there are certain inherent risks involved in a career as a first responder – risking your own health while using the very tools intended to keep firefighters and our communities safe should not be one of them.... Read More

Now is the time for action on healthcare prices

A debate has stirred for years in Indiana about what kind of public action is needed to bring down our state’s out-of-control hospital prices. In previous legislative sessions, elected officials have chiseled around the issue, passing legislation in hopes the healthcare market would fix itself. ... Read More

Calling our shot: Life sciences innovation belongs in Indy metro

In my role as mayor of Fishers, I strive to continuously bring new opportunities for my community. Just three years ago, if I came across economic development opportunities in the life sciences industry, I immediately assumed there was no chance for Fishers and that the opportunity would be relegated to communities with research institutions. ... Read More

Loss of a loved one

The loss of a spouse or life partner is traumatic, especially during the holidays.  Research indicates that deaths increase during the holiday season and winter months, but there is no significant known factor... Read More