PODCAST: Faith, Family & Farming

As Huntington University President Sherilyn Emberton approaches her 10th anniversary at the small, faith-based institution in northeast Indiana, she shares on the upcoming episode of the Agbioscience podcast one of her first impressions of Indiana from the air. "And I cannot believe what I see in crop production.” ... Read More

Patachou Foundation launches neighborhood farm stand

The Indianapolis-based Patachou Foundation is today launching its new Neighborhood Farm Stand program. The farm stand, part of the foundation's Food Fellowship, is a student-run effort designed to teach high school students about entrepreneurship, food marketing and photography, and customer service, among other skills.... Read More

Indiana ag groups push for action on farm worker legislation

Two Indiana agriculture organizations are among several urging Congress to pass immigration laws that address the nation’s labor shortages, especially among the farming industry. Indiana Dairy Producers and the Indiana Poultry Association warn failure to act could lead to higher food prices and pose a threat to the food supply. The organizations say the current H-2A guestworker program needs reform.... Read More

PODCAST: Bringing aeroponic greens to Indiana

Minnesota-based Living Greens Farm is investing $70 million to establish a 200,000-square-foot indoor aeroponic farm in Delaware County. The high-tech farm in Muncie will eventually create 120 full-time jobs once operation. ... Read More

Solinftec deploys crop robot to Canada

West Lafayette-based agricultural technology company Solinftec is expanding the launch of its new autonomous robot with two partnerships in Canada. Solix Ag Robotics' technology scans and monitors fields to examine crop health and pressures, such as weeds and pests.... Read More