The Questions Every Board Member Should Ask

I have seen the look of dread on the faces of nonprofit staff as they anticipate "the same questions" from their boards. Board members are often uncertain of the proper questions to ask or worse yet are motivated by agendas. Donors have questions we might not have anticipated or had the opportunity to answer. ... Read More

Why Business Owners Should Incorporate Exercise Into Daily Routines

As business professionals, we run on strict schedules. For me, having a daily routine and a schedule I can fall back on has been even more important since the onset of the pandemic. In fact, research shows that doing the same repetitive actions every day not only benefits your physical health, but those actions can also improve your mental health by reducing overall stress levels.... Read More

Why CDFIs Might Be the Right Choice for Many Small Businesses Seeking Loans

Small businesses are the backbone of a community. The corner coffee shop provides a common, friendly spot to gather and share conversation. The centrally-located market where neighbors go to get their milk, the hair salon that’s been passed down through generations, the brewery where friends meet after work — all essential fibers of the fabric of a neighborhood.... Read More

2021 U.S. Economy – The Bedel Barometer

How do you measure the overall health of the U.S economy? In 2009, Bedel Financial identified seven key areas that help determine the strength of our economy, and each month, a report is produced called the Bedel Barometer.  For the month of November 2021, the Bedel Barometer score is +4.... Read More

Community Banks are Actually Money Factories

If you’re like most people, you think of your local bank as a place to safeguard what you’ve earned and borrow more when you need to. That’s accurate, but the most important role banks play in your community is generating money.... Read More

Early Learners May Not Remember Pre-Pandemic Life; Pre-K Education More Critical Than Ever

It’s hard to believe the last class to have a complete and normal early education experience (i.e. pre-K and kindergarten) is now in third grade. For our current second grade, first grade, kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students, some or all of their educational experience has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For almost two years, online learning, quarantining and school closures have become a normal part of their school experience. ... Read More