Widow Sells Her House: Tax Consequences?

After living in the house for over fifty years, Harry and Sally's love for the home wasn't the only thing that appreciated – so had the value! Sally's realtor priced it at $750,000. It was time to paint not only the trim, but also time to trim the tax liability!... Read More

Why It Is Time To Revitalize Rural America

Since the 1950s, Americans living in non-metropolitan counties have had a higher rate of poverty than those living in metropolitan areas. That’s according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Poverty in rural America was then exacerbated in the 1970s as big box stores moved in, often leading to the shuttering of once-thriving local retail businesses.... Read More

Navigating Open Enrollment 2022: Where Should You Begin?

As we enter the final months of 2021, many Hoosiers will face a difficult choice — selecting and enrolling into a health insurance plan. 2022 open enrollment for the state of Indiana, which takes place from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15, should be at the top of your mind, especially if your situation applies to one of the following categories.... Read More

BPO is Even More Efficient With a One-Stop Shop Approach

It’s not that hard to convince fast-growing companies led by smart people that there’s value in business process outsourcing (BPO). Companies that do a good job of concentrating on their core mission know they can’t afford to be distracted by all the factors involved in serving a growing marketplace.... Read More

Four Cs to Lead By

In addition to being known as a pioneer in animation, as well as film, and the creator of some of the most beloved and recognizable characters in the world, Walt Disney was also responsible for leadin... Read More

The Six Cs in Board Management

My mantra has always been there are "three sides to every story; yours, mine, and the accurate one." It's not much different with nonprofits, but I'm often aware of at least five perspectives - board,... Read More

It’s Gifting Season!

It's November, and many of us are getting into the holiday spirit. It's also a popular season for charitable giving. Whatever drives you to donate to your favorite charities, it's good to understand y... Read More

Indy Needs to Foster STEM in Girls

Indianapolis is fortunate to be home to numerous life sciences companies. And while I have the pleasure of working with many women in those organizations, the stark reality is that women make up less... Read More

How to Invest with the Cool Kids

You are at a party, hanging with friends, or simply eavesdropping on a nearby conversation and you hear about someone investing in an exclusive fund that is not available to just anyone.  Impressed by... Read More

The Case for a Digital-First Indiana

When you finish streaming a movie online, an algorithm uses your data—your viewing, browsing and search history—to anticipate what you might enjoy watching next. Internet search tools and online retai... Read More