Is China a reliable investment market?

There are many risks associated with investing in China. Like all investing decisions, it comes down to whether the potential gains outweigh the risks. Understanding the risk/reward profile is an important first step.... Read More

Indiana should not hitch its wagon to renewables

Hoosiers pay far too much for their electricity. With renewables on the rise, it’s only going to get worse. It’s becoming more difficult to produce the energy necessary to keep prices down and strengthen grid reliability in Indiana. ... Read More

Business growth: Convert expenses to revenue

While the thought of converting expenses to revenue seems counter intuitive, it is more than possible in the business climate of today. Many well known companies have already done it and more are in the process. Firms are turning expenses into revenue streams, irrespective of whether they are in manufacturing, services, or distribution.... Read More

Supporting autism in the workforce

Individuals with autism can and do live fulfilling lives as vibrant members of a community. According to the CDC, about 1 in 36 children living in the United States has autism. Children with autism become adults with autism. Adults with autism enter the workforce regularly and make significant contributions to the mission and goals of an employer.... Read More

Navigating a new workplace with grace

Starting a job at a new workplace is exciting. Yet, it can also be nerve-wracking. Whether you are right out of college, transitioning from another role, or adapting to a new workplace environment, the experience can feel like navigating in uncharted waters. With the right mindset, though, you can not only survive this change, but thrive in your new landscape.... Read More

The effect of vision loss on mental health

Though most people say they fear death more than they fear going blind, some people would rather die than attempt to navigate life with a visual impairment. As someone who’s blind, it makes me sad that people fear a life of vision loss so much.... Read More

Understanding your business

Before embarking on your personal financial planning journey as a business owner, it is essential to gain a thorough understanding of your business itself. This article focuses on assessing the current state of your business, identifying key financial goals, and evaluating the risks and challenges specific to business owners. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business, you can lay the groundwork for effective personal financial planning.... Read More

A mission for maternal well-being in Indiana

Maternal health serves as a cornerstone of public health, reflecting not only the well-being of individual mothers and their babies, but the health and strength of Hoosier communities as a whole. According to the Indiana University Public Policy Institute’s Center for Research on Inclusion and Social Policy, Indiana has the third highest maternal mortality rate among all reporting states.... Read More

Belief-driven employees seek organizations that make a difference

I attended Butler University’s commencement ceremony earlier this month. As the graduates walked to their seats with the orchestra playing “Pomp and Circumstance,” several questions floated through my mind. How were these new graduates making decisions about their future? What motivates them? What career paths were they pursuing? How had the pandemic impacted their view of the world? ... Read More

Find the right financing partner this Small Business Month

There’s more than the race to celebrate in central Indiana this month. May is also National Small Business Month, and small businesses drive Indiana’s economy. In 2023, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reported that Indiana businesses with fewer than 500 employees accounted for 99.4% of all businesses in the state. With more than 530,000 small businesses employing over 1.2 million Hoosiers, supporting small businesses both as consumers and businesses is critical to our state’s economic health.... Read More

Successful digital transformation requires everyone speaking the same language

As state and local governments continue to modernize and integrate digital technology to help provide better services and connections with citizens, a strategy for adopting digital transformation, modernization and change management must also factor in creating an environment where the language you speak as a technology consultant means something to the public sector organizations you are serving. ... Read More

Naming beneficiaries: What to know

Naming beneficiaries is a simple, yet impactful, piece of your estate plan. Doing so will bypass whatever is written in your Last Will and Testament or Trust Document, as the asset will transfer directly to the named beneficiaries. ... Read More

How parents can prevent isolation and loneliness during summer break

The mental health crisis affecting youth in the United States has reached an unprecedented high. According to a 2021 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42% of high school students reported experiencing persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness that disrupted their usual activities—a staggering figure that has risen from 28% in 2011 and is expected to continue growing.... Read More

Has your company achieved true differentiation?

The company’s owners were stunned when their top salesperson left for a position at their rival. When they asked why this key employee was moving on, they learned it wasn’t about money or prestige. The future looked brighter there.... Read More

How to get past ‘writer’s block’

Whether you write only occasionally or craft words and sentences as part of your regular job, you’ve probably encountered something most people refer to as “writer’s block.” It’s a barrier to writing that’s usually just frustrating, but that if it becomes chronic can threaten your career.... Read More

Reflecting on 10 years: Relationships matter

This month marks ten years that I have been leading the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series. Like most anniversaries with nice round numbers, it has caused me to pause and reflect. There are so many incredible leaders doing critical work across Indiana, and I have been privileged to have a front row seat to witness the impact of many of them. If I had to sum up my observations from the past decade in a few words, it would be this: relationships matter.... Read More

Investing in uncertain times

While numerous types of risks are associated with an investment portfolio, most investors are focused on the risk of a large stock market decline and its impact. What can be done to hedge those risks?... Read More