Enhancing Employee Engagement Can Lead to Better Retention and Recruitment

While 2021 brought back some of our pre-pandemic norms, such as having employees back in offices in various forms, the pandemic continued its effects on the labor shortages and employee turnover we saw throughout 2020. Businesses across our country and globe struggled to keep their employees satisfied and engaged, or even retain them, as well as find new employees to make up their company base.... Read More

Market Sell Off: Consider Tax-Loss Harvesting

Avoiding the urge to sell stocks during a market downturn is generally a good strategy, as downturns tend to be short-lived. The recovery can happen quickly and often when the outlook appears the worst. However, there is one tax strategy that might be useful during times like these, tax-loss harvesting. ... Read More

Remove Driving Barriers for Those in Foster Care

Do you recall how exciting it was when you turned 16 and could drive?  What none of us realized at that age was how our parent’s insurance premium significantly increased when they added their newly licensed 16-year-old to their policy. If you are a parent of older teenagers, you have experienced the same shock.... Read More

Real-Time Communication Builds Field Service Confidence

You may remember playing the childhood game called “telephone.” For those who may be unfamiliar, it involved a circle of kids whispering the same message from one to another and laughing uproariously at how much it changed by the time it reached the originator. In childhood, that’s fun. In business, it’s deadly.... Read More

A New Market? How About Your Ex-Customers?

Most companies are constantly seeking new market segments as potential customers for their products or services. Rarely, however, do they consider one that can be surprisingly cost-effective: the people who stopped doing business with you.... Read More

Strengthen Your Nonprofit With Partnerships and Collaboration

Nonprofits, by their very definition, work to improve quality of life for others either in their own community or at a state, national, or even international level. This dedication to the greater good and the advancement of public interest is no small task, especially for organizations that are often short staffed with employees who find themselves wearing multiple hats each and every day.... Read More

Healthcare Trends: What’s Happening in 2022?

In recent years, there have been several ways in which healthcare providers have sought to integrate the latest technology into patient care. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen many of these trends escalate and many will continue to impact the healthcare industry.... Read More

Why Do Bankers Need to Know That?

You’ve probably heard the old saying that the only way a bank will lend money is if you can prove you don’t really need it. The business loan underwriting process can seem frustrating, but there’s good reason behind it and ways you can help it move more quickly.... Read More

Why is Gas so Expensive?!

We have all experienced that dreadful feeling watching the digital price meter at the pump going higher by the second.  Why is gas suddenly so expensive?  How does the price increase Hoosiers are experiencing compare to other states?... Read More

6 Tax Strategies from a Reformed CPA, Now Business Owner

For many business owners, tax time equals stress. It’s not only added work in the first quarter but also added anxiety wondering whether cash will be due to the federal government on April 15. Here are six tax strategies to think about this year that could reduce future tax payments for any business owner.... Read More

Preparing Your Business for Change in 2022

2022 is already keeping its promise to be another year of high change. As businesses nationwide grapple with the fallout of The Great Resignation, new COVID variants, ever-changing technology and the growing expectations of the workforce, some will rise to the challenge and others won’t. ... Read More

Grow Your Business: Improve Your Decision Making

d a particular approach when faced with making a quick decision. He called it the 40/70 rule. He would strive to not make a decision with less than 40% of the information needed, then ultimately make the decision when he had at most, 70% of the information.... Read More