OK, Boomer, tell me about designing for seniors

I’ve circled the Sun enough times to remember when the term “generation gap” first arose as a way to explain the friction between the under-30 set and the “establishment.” More recently, my peers have been poked for their perceived inability to understand today’s world with the “Okay, Boomer” slam.... Read More

Can’t Start Writing? Try Starting in the Middle

“I just don’t know how to begin,” some moan. “I hate staring at that empty screen and that #%#^$% blinking cursor,” snap others. “I know exactly what I want to say, but I can’t get started,” complain a few. Fortunately, there’s a simple workaround.... Read More

Are You Doing Business By the Numbers?

You might be surprised to learn you have an emotional response to numbers. What might surprise you even more is learning that reaction is rooted in ancient attempts to understand and predict the universe.... Read More

A New Market? How About Your Ex-Customers?

Most companies are constantly seeking new market segments as potential customers for their products or services. Rarely, however, do they consider one that can be surprisingly cost-effective: the people who stopped doing business with you.... Read More

Harness the Power of Questions

When humans want to know something, we ask questions. It’s a simple concept, but it’s one that slips by many marketers and most companies. They fail to recognize that paying attention to common questi... Read More

Keeping Bad News From Getting Worse

Most people and companies prefer to display positive attitudes for the world to see. Unfortunately, situations arise when the messages we need to deliver aren’t happy ones. The way you share bad news... Read More

Let’s Banish the Boring Bio

I’m often asked to write biographies of key executives for company websites, proposals, and similar uses. And all too often, I’m asked to rewrite them because one of those executives insists they must... Read More