Proud to have a new gas meter

No, you didn’t read it wrong. Nor was the headline a rare typo by the nimble Inside INdiana Business crew. I have a new gas meter … and I’m kind of proud.... Read More

There’s a better way to find and evaluate creative suppliers

You’ve determined your company needs some extra creative help. Maybe you want a graphic designer to update your logo or you need someone to create posts for your blog. You’ve received recommendations from trusted colleagues, but how do you identify the right freelancer or other supplier?... Read More

A scavenger hunt for connection

I’ve had the opportunity to work on more fascinating projects than I deserve. You’d probably be stunned to learn some of the things I was paid to (successfully) accomplish. One of my favorites had an audacious goal of making communities feel more connected.... Read More

How to sound every bit as smart as you are

I recently handled a project for an organization full of extraordinarily smart people, something you might not recognize if you read the copy they wrote. Their words were so unfamiliar, their sentence structure so complex only their peers could grasp what they tried to convey … and their peers weren’t the audience. You were.... Read More

Ensuring your messages don’t get lost in translation

If your organization does business in the growing global marketplace, there may be times when you need to communicate with people in languages other than English. While it’s tempting to simply translate your existing materials, that may not be the most effective approach.... Read More

How twisted are your statistics?

Mark Twain’s take on prevarication remains as accurate today as when he penned it: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” We live in an age in which we’re overwhelmed by information, and a large share of what we consume is in the form of statistics. ... Read More