Looking for an entry level job in tech? Here’s some advice.

Everyone has to start somewhere in the professional world. Entry level jobs are crucial positions to help workers learn and grow as professionals and as members of a team. But how do you go about finding the right entry level position and landing a job offer? What are employers looking for in candidates? What should […]... Read More

Employers: Expect a Latte Organizing This Year

After decades of declining numbers, organized labor has achieved a flurry of notable organizing successes so far in 2022, including in businesses and industries previously ignored by union organizers. A quick Google search reveals workers at a number of high-profile businesses opting for union representation, including Starbucks, Apple, Conde Nast, Amazon, and, yes, even Google itself! ... Read More

Environmental, Social, and Governance Policies: How Stakeholder Ethics Can Shape Business

The world in which we live and work has changed drastically in the last 24 months. An evaluation of today’s business landscape would be impossible to conduct without considering the extent to which increasing demands for improved conditions for workers, COVID-19, climate change, and consistent pushes for racial equity have impacted the way that we think about corporations and their responsibility to our global community.... Read More

Limitations on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in Indiana

On March 3, 2022, Governor Holcomb signed into law House Bill 1001, which addresses employer vaccine mandates in Indiana. The new law was an emergency action that took effect immediately. It adds a required exemption for immunity, in addition to accommodations for medical and religious reasons.... Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day: Flowers, Chocolates and Love in the Office

2022. The Beast is the castle’s “CEO” and he rules with an iron fist, demanding the highest performance from his enchanted workers. His most loyal employee is Cogsworth, the castle’s majordomo who was transformed into a clock. Cogsworth, you might say, is the castle’s “COO/VP of HR,” and the Beast relies on him for trusted counsel. After lovely Belle is ensconced in the castle, the Beast falls madly in love with her. Unfortunately, the Beast has no idea how to show Belle how much he loves her, and he sadly laments to Cogsworth that he wants to do something special for her but can think of nothing. Cogsworth wisely responds, “Well, there’s the usual things . . . flowers, chocolates . . . promises you don’t intend to keep.”  ... Read More

Data Privacy Laws: Five to Look Out For in 2022

2021 brought significant changes in the data privacy realm. California, Virginia, Colorado, China, and the European Union passed or amended both omnibus and industry-specific data protection laws last year. Privacy professionals are bracing for this trend to continue in 2022 with enforcement deadlines for these laws quickly approaching.... Read More

Take the Pulse of Your Board Service

I would venture to guess you have been involved with organizations who have a few board members who are passionately dedicated, while others are just along for the ride. These may be the most obvious extremes but there are likely some in the middle who are willing to serve but need some guidance and motivation.... Read More

How to Effectively Manage a Millennial Workforce

Millennials are misconstrued to be lazy and entitled employees and unmotivated to put in the work necessary to succeed. In reality, approximately 84% say they care more about making a difference at their workplace rather than individual success, showing they are incredibly impact-motivated, passionate and driven employees. Furthermore, millennials now represent half of the U.S. workforce – 75% by […]... Read More

Four Signs Your Company Has an Innovation-Minded Culture

Burnout is a topic that seems inextricably tied to our conversations around the workplace. We hear about it often in relation to the tech industry and startups; according to one survey, almost 60% of tech workers said they suffer from it. But burnout is prevalent in countless other industries—consider the plight of healthcare workers over […]... Read More

Legacy and the Art of Making Bourbon

The world has long been waiting for a leadership lesson centered around bourbon. Thanks to a recent Hulu documentary on the story of bourbon (and in observance of National Bourbon Day on June 14), that wait is over.  History in a Glass During the YOBW (“Year of Binge Watching” a/k/a 2020), I happened upon a […]... Read More

Even in Indiana, Non-Competes Can Span the World

Our latest non-compete saga begins in far off Calcutta, India. (Yes, “India,” not Indiana.) Kinkar Saha began his company, CodeClouds, in that remote land. He later relocated to New Zealand. Brian Hill began working with Saha on web development. They formed Long Tail Corporation in 2012, and each became shareholders. Their business: “affiliate marketing”—that segment […]... Read More

Paid Sick Leave: Here to Stay?

Since the onset of the pandemic, showing up to work with a slightly elevated temperature or that cough you just cannot seem to shake is no longer a sign of unwavering dedication to the job. Indeed, though American culture has long brewed the habit of muscling through that awful head cold, a sneeze in a […]... Read More

FFCRA Toothache Becomes Litigation Root Canal

I went to the dentist this week and was reminded of the time a few years ago when I ignored a toothache for a while, mostly because I hate going to the dentist. It’s nothing against my dentist, but the sound of the drill, the poking with a sharp stick, etc. I could live with […]... Read More

Making a Stronger Case for What You Do

What does your company do well? You probably try to promote your expertise through messages on your website, ads, or social media, but are your claims convincing? Instead of shouting about what makes... Read More