Turning knowledge management inside out

Most companies protect their secrets more aggressively than they protect the lives of their key executives. It’s been reported that only two people at KFC’s headquarters know the exact proportion of the eleven herbs and spices behind the Colonel’s original recipe. ... Read More

Bringing private-sector best practices to government service

Governments at all levels have always faced the challenge of making the most of limited resources, but in recent years, that challenge has been compounded by the consumer marketplace. A generation ago, constituents may have tolerated slow-moving bureaucracies with limited options for service.... Read More

Why you should keep callers from staying on hold

You need something or have a problem, so you call the handy phone number only to be told all agents are helping other callers, your call is ever so important, and it will be answered by the next available agent. Then you put your phone on speaker, set it down, and brace yourself for several minutes of music you’d never listen to voluntarily.... Read More

Reasons Internal Help Desks Often Fall Short

It’s common for companies to assume they know more about their products and services than anyone else, so it comes as no surprise they also assume they can do the best job of providing support to customers to need help. So why do so few internal help desks live up to expectations?... Read More

Real-Time Communication Builds Field Service Confidence

You may remember playing the childhood game called “telephone.” For those who may be unfamiliar, it involved a circle of kids whispering the same message from one to another and laughing uproariously at how much it changed by the time it reached the originator. In childhood, that’s fun. In business, it’s deadly.... Read More

How the Right Fulfillment Approach Keeps Businesses in Business

The franchise operator was frantic. When he opened the store this morning, the point-of-sale (POS) system was dead. He tried every trick he knew, but the technology wouldn’t cooperate. Customers who stopped by while rushing to work were anything but patient and more than a few snapped at him as he tried to serve their needs while calling the franchisor’s help desk.... Read More