The Spirit of Tourism

In 2018, our neighbors would have paid $419 more for government services if tourism did not exist. At SoIN Tourism, this is one way we demonstrate that tourism is important to our local economy. It sh... Read More

Confusion in the Oil Markets

How can the price of anything be negative?  If the price on an item is negative, that means the “seller” is willing to pay the “buyer” to take the item.  Sound crazy?  That is exactly what happened to... Read More

Rebounding From a Canceled Conference

Right now, we’re living in a world of confusion, fear and uncertainty from a health standpoint and an economic one. For many industries, the implications of COVID-19, known as the coronavirus, have be... Read More

Virtual Offices: Keep it Simple

The world has been inundated with advice and counsel on how to work effectively from home. My advice to you -- keep it simple.  Focus on (1) your effectiveness, (2) your presentation, and (3) your com... Read More

Could Communications Have Slowed Virus?

As of this writing, I live in the County with the highest “cases per capita” of the coronavirus in the State of Indiana.  Is it a source of concern?  Of course.  A source of bewilderment?  Perhaps.  A... Read More

COVID-19: Q1 Market Update

In light of recent and developing events, let’s take a quick quarter-end assessment of the situation: COVID-19 unexpectedly broke out across the globe and was deemed a pandemic. What initially appeare... Read More