Planning for the Unexpected

When you engage in the financial planning process, one of the most important elements is contingency planning or preparing for the unexpected. Life doesn’t always play out the way you would like and pivoting from the current plan to the new reality can be overwhelming.... Read More

Loans from The Bank of…. Mom and Dad?

Loan interest rates are rising. At the same time, interest earnings on savings accounts and CDs aren't exactly setting the world on fire!  So what if a family member offers to finance your upcoming purchase instead of using the bank? The borrower avoids dealing with traditional financing and the interest paid stays in the family. Sounds like a win-win, right?! Not so fast. ... Read More

Ditch the Documents

Are you buried in paper? If “junk” mail is overtaking “real” mail, maybe it’s time to take control. Opt-out of the unnecessary mailbox clutter; get bills electronically; and regularly purge your paper files.... Read More

FAQs of a Financial Planner

As a financial planner, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard, “I think we’re making good decisions, but I don’t really know.” In that situation, it’s hard to feel confident you are doing th... Read More

The Nanny Tax: How Does it Work?

Parents working from home. Kids learning at home. Help needed!  So, you hired a nanny to reduce the pandemic chaos.  What a relief!  But did you think about the tax issues involved?  With tax deadline... Read More

Fraud in Unemployment Claims

Job loss due to the pandemic resulted in an unprecedented number of unemployment claims across the country. Unfortunately, some of those claims have been determined to be fraudulent. Cybercriminals do... Read More