Follow the jobs: Sustainability leadership rises among Indiana manufacturers

One way to understand what an industry values is to look at hiring trends. In Indiana’s advanced manufacturing industry, that approach would suggest that sustainability leadership is increasing in value. Over the last five years, the number of sustainability-related jobs in Indiana has risen steadily, with manufacturers posting more sustainability positions than any other industry sector.... Read More

Why Indiana’s Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Industries Must Lead in Sustainability

In every industry, companies are being called upon to address their sustainability challenges. Indiana’s advanced manufacturing and logistics companies – large and small – are no different. From reducing energy usage and sourcing eco-friendly materials, to lowering carbon emissions and reducing waste, companies are committing to using less of the world's resources and decarbonizing operations.... Read More

Makers and Movers: How Are You Addressing Digital Adoption?

Conexus Indiana has been charting Indiana’s digital transformation journey for the last two years with the help of Indiana’s advanced manufacturing and logistics industries. By working with Conexus Indiana to report where they are on this journey and what resources they need to accelerate it, the state’s makers and movers have helped to improve Indiana’s prospects in these rapidly changing industries. ... Read More