Subscribing to the subscription craze

While spring cleaning in our basement recently, I came across a box of old DVDs. As I perused the collection, I realized all the movies I own can now be enjoyed through one streaming subscription service or another. Waiting for the movie to be released used to be a big deal, but now new releases, or even older classics, are instantly available with a simple download.... Read More

Finding a Solution That Created a Better Feeling Family

Building healthy habits for your family is hard. I know; I have four kids and I find it to be a daily struggle. My kids don’t always agree with my suggestions to eat fruits and vegetables, drink enough water and get plenty of sleep. And the struggle doesn’t end with my kids. My wife and I also strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but our busy schedules make it challenging to ensure we have balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Low energy, trouble focusing and frequent sickness can plague our house if we’re not practicing healthy habits daily. ... Read More