The State of Leadership in 2021

As a new year begins, especially one following a year so unpredictable and unprecedented, it makes sense to think about what successful leadership in 2021 will look like. While the timeless principles of leadership still remain, what does the context of today, of virtual work and constant change tell us about what skills will help […]... Read More

Creating Virtual Presence

When remote work first began, you were likely focused on getting your work done and not using the webcam any more than necessary. As weeks became months, and months may lead to a new way of working long-term, we must begin to conscious consider our virtual presence. How are you being seen? And is your […]... Read More

The Death of the Conference Call

If you are like me, you have been on hundreds of conference calls in the past. They were a brilliant solution to remote communication requiring only a phone, a number to the bridge line, and a passcod... Read More

Leadership is a Responsibility

Leadership is a lot of things. It is a role. It likely represents career progress. It can be lonely. And last week, I explained why it is an opportunity. It is also hard to escape the fact that leader... Read More

Successfully Leading During Protests and Civil Unrest

The events of the past few days have been emotional for everyone. A glance at the news will leave you horrified, hurt, angry, sad, or one of many other emotions. I am not qualified to offer solutions to the anger, protests, and violence. Rather, I write to you as a fellow leader and someone who […]... Read More