Control what you can: Take a supply chain checkup

We’re all feeling the impact of supply chain disruption, and unfortunately no one can predict a return to normalcy. While it feels frustrating, businesses that depend on imports and exports should control what they can right now by planning supply chains with unforeseen circumstances in mind. What does that mean? Here are six supply chain checkup questions.... Read More

2022 Freight Forward Outlook: The Pandemic, Its Impact and What to Do About It

Without a doubt, the global pandemic is changing how people live and work, the freight forwarding industry included. The shipping business has gone from under the radar, business as usual to headline news over the last year. From ship to shelf, supply chain issues will continue into 2022 and the challenges will forever change how the industry works. Here are the trends we will be watching in the New Year and what supply chain teams can do now.... Read More

Where’s My Cargo? Here are the Answers

We keep buying and retailers can’t keep up. In the shipping business, it’s the consistent story. Industry pundits continue trying to forecast when “normal” will resume, yet the reality is we’re months... Read More