Employees as owners? Works for us!

“My staff would care about their jobs more if they knew what it felt like to be in my shoes," said every business owner at least once. What if you gave your employees the chance to feel an ownership stake by providing them an ownership stake in the company? We did and its working.... Read More

Controlling labor costs with a staffing partner

It’s tax time, and you’re probably reviewing last year’s performance and thinking how to improve financials in an uncertain climate. Will there be a recession or a “soft landing?” Will consumer spending increase, or will people tighten their belts? Will food prices continue to increase or level?... Read More

2023 employment outlook: Seven inward reflection recommendations

Indiana employers are leaving jobs open—at least for now—according to data released in October by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. The organization’s annual employer survey echoes national trends. It should be a call to business owners to look inward and strategically address the need for talent in the Hoosier state.... Read More

Need to hire? Knowledge is power

Hiring is hard right now. Statistics from the Indy Chamber show that the Indiana labor participation rate has plateaued with just a 1.4% change from April 2021 to 2022. Meanwhile There are 5.8% more job postings. Instead of posting and coasting, make a choice to use data and become a competitive hiring force.... Read More

Summer Staffing: What Do Hospitality Workers Want?

Summer is just around the corner. For many Indianapolis restaurant owners and managers that means al fresco dining, which in turn means finding more staff in a hiring market that’s significantly shifted over the last two years. What do workers want in a competitive hiring market? Here’s what our team is hearing.... Read More

Where Have the Gig Workers Gone?

Remember the gig economy? The one with all of those great temp jobs for workers. Then, bam, came the pandemic, and those great gig jobs took a hit. Where did the workers go and what’s next for this im... Read More