(photo courtesy of our partners at WPTA-TV)

The Fort Wayne City Council has approved a resolution that would forms committee to draft a subpoena for officials from Red River Waste Solutions. Our partners at WPTA-TV report council members have been seeking answers regarding the trash collection company’s recent bankruptcy filing.

The resolution, written by Councilors Russ Jehl and Paul Ensley, comes after Red River failed to show up to council meetings on multiple occasions. Jehl says in the long run, the resolution would end up saving tax payers millions of dollars.

“If they’re gonna run and hide I don’t think we as a city should make excuses for them and calling them all sorts of wonderful things,” Jehl said. “I think we should be calling them what they are which are people who are defaulting on the contract, people that have not dealt with us in good faith and that are continuing to not deal with us in good faith and could ultimately hurt us tremendously.”

Jehl says attorneys are drafting the subpoena, which will be sent by the committee when it is completed.

City spokesman John Perlich issued the following statement to WPTA after the council’s vote.

“The City Administration’s focus is on ensuring garbage and recycling materials continue to be collected and that is what is occurring each day in our community. We remain steadfast in our commitment to maintaining quality waste collection service for the 83,300 households that are serviced each week. Moving forward, we’d like to see a collaborative approach to help meet the needs of our residents and neighborhoods rather than adversarial discussions and actions that don’t appear to be based on finding solutions to challenges.”