EVANSVILLE - Evansville-based Berry Global Group Inc. (NYSE: BERY) has announced plans to invest approximately $20 million to expand its production lines.

The specialty plastics firm says the investment helps to support the growing breathable film and sustainable product market demands in North America.

The plastics are used in the hygiene and healthcare industries and for other specialty film needs.

“We are continuing to invest around the world. Our focus on serving the North American market with advanced technology remains a high priority for our business,” said Curt Begle, president of Berry’s Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Division.

The company says with the investment it will be able to add capacity for its proprietary Sof-Flex technology. Berry says Sof-Flex technology allows for the “sustainable, down-weighting of breathable films while maintaining best-in-class performance. “

Last year, the company announced a sustainability strategy that focuses on three product improvement areas for its hygiene line – creating lighter weight products, sourcing sustainable materials, and designing products that are easily recyclable, reusable or compostable.

Berry says the expansion, the first of a three-phase effort, will be operational in 2020 across the company’s U.S. network of breathable film producing plants.