LAFAYETTE - The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today awarded $911,000 across the state of Indiana to provide affordable housing options for individuals with disabilities. The assistance is through HUD’s Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The support is particularly focused on those who are transitioning out of institutional or other separated settings, or who are at serious risk of institutionalization. It also includes those currently experiencing homelessness or previously experienced homelessness and people who may currently be a client in a permanent supportive housing or rapid rehousing project.

It also extends to those at risk of becoming homeless.

The funding is part of a bigger $131.3 million award to 325 local public housing authorities across the country to provide affordable housing to approximately 15,363 additional non-elderly persons with disabilities.

 “This funding provides vital affordable housing options for the most vulnerable among us; individuals with disabilities across Indiana,” said HUD Midwest Regional Administrator Joseph Galvan. “These vouchers will promote independence in the least restrictive setting and diversion from much more costly institutionalization and will prevent homelessness."

The funding will also help develop partnerships to help tackle the issue and provide additional support. 

“The Lafayette Housing Authority is excited to be awarded these special purpose vouchers which will help more people with disabilities live independently, said Michelle Reynolds, Executive Director.  “The housing authority is partnering with a local mental health provider to house those who qualify and keep them housed.”

You can view the full list of recipients by clicking here.