BLOOMINGTON - BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana's third 21st Century Talent Region is set to be named Monday in Bloomington. Secretary of Career Connections and Talent Blair Milo and Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the newly-established Indiana Destination Development Corp. Elaine Bedel will join leaders from the Indiana Uplands to make the announcement. 

The 21st Century Talent Region program encourages communities to work with businesses, schools and workforce organizations to develop a plan to boost educational attainment, income and population in a region. Specific goals include hitting a population of one million, increasing post-secondary education and credential attainment to more than 60 percent and raising per capita personal income to at least 90 percent of the national average.

Northeast Indiana and southeast Indiana have each received the 21st Century Talent Region designation. 

The event will start at at 1 p.m. at Cook Medical in Bloomington.