INDIANAPOLIS - INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis-based company that provides customer support in parking garages has received a big infusion of financial support.

Parker Technology LLC has announced a $2 million series seed investment, led by Elevate Ventures and several local investors. The company says the capital will allow it to build out its product and expand marketing and sales efforts.

The technology is a two-way, cloud-based, video intercom system connected to a “help” button. When a driver is struggling with their parking lot receipt or a gate, they can talk to an actual customer service representative to get help.

The company says this technology is valuable because a growing number of parking lots and garages have eliminated a staffed booth and rely more on automation.

Parker Technology says its CSRs answer calls under 11 seconds on average and resolve problems in under a minute.

“Parker Technology’s values and dedication to customer satisfaction have proven to be successful to maximize customer acquisition as they continue to scale and advance their product,” said Chris LaMothe, chief executive officer at Elevate Ventures.

Parker says its video intercoms bolt-on or integrate with your new or existing kiosks in entry lanes, exit lanes or pay-on-foot stations.

“Because humans failing in the face of automation is a universal truth, parking will be Parker’s first stop on our way toward building a company that delivers a world-class customer experience with authentic concern through our people and our technology platform,” said Brian Wolff, president & CEO of Parker Technology. “This capital will be crucial to helping us mature our technology and build repeatable sales processes for sustained growth and profitability.” 
Wolff says the technology has already attracted numerous in-state and out of state customers, including IUPUI, Eskenazi Health, University of Michigan, and the city of Las Vegas.

In September, Parker Technology won the 'Top-Rated Customer Experience Team' Award at Powderkeg’s 2019 Indiana Breakout Tech Culture Awards.