INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE: LLY) and Germany-based Boehringer Ingelheim have restructured their working relationship with the type 2 diabetes medication empagliflozin, better known as Jardiance.

The companies say they have “modernized” their alliance to focus their joint attention on the medication. The two pharmaceutical companies first collaborated on the drug in 2011.

Lilly says starting next year, Jardiance will be the only drug for which Lilly and Boehringer continue to co-develop and commercialize.

Under the amended agreement, there will be a revised margin sharing structure for ongoing payments starting January 1, 2020. Lilly says the revisions will not alter its 2019 financial guidance or to the financial goals for the company in 2020.

“Focusing our combined expertise and investment to support this important treatment will not only result in greater value for both companies but better enable us to help more people with and without type 2 diabetes,” said Carine Brouillon, Boehringer Ingelheim’s head of global therapeutic areas.

The two also collaborated on the insulin analog Basaglar and Trajenta. Moving forward, Lilly will be the primary driver of the Basaglar product. B.I. will lead projects on the Trajenta brand.

Mike Mason, who was just named president of Lilly Diabetes, expects even bigger things for Jardiance with the reconfigured partnership.

“Jardiance has a bright future, and the Alliance is absolutely committed to its success,” said Mason.

Lilly says while Jardiance has proven effective for patients with Type 2 diabetes, there are also benefits to patients at risk for heart failure and chronic kidney disease.