CUMBERLAND - Greenfield-based NineStar Connect has completed the deployment of high-speed fiber optic facilities in the town of Cumberland.  

The co-op says the project brings 1Gb connectivity to Cumberland’s town hall and other facilities. The goal is to get the same fiber access to businesses. 

Fiber optics tend to be faster than broadband through coaxial cable, turning downloads from minutes into seconds.

“The availability of fiber optics is a box that every business checks when assessing locations for relocation, expansion, and growth,” said April Fisher, Cumberland town manager. “Fiber elevates our region and makes it a very attractive place to live and do business.”

The Urban Land Institute recently conducted a study of the Mount Comfort Corridor, including Cumberland, which showed the availability of fiber optic infrastructure is key to attracting economic development to the region. 

The Town of Cumberland is the first customer of the NineStar fiber network. The co-op says the technology will deliver more reliable communications services for the government and police. It will also help those agencies have greater data capacity.

Fisher says the town is also trying to determine if fiber lines can be used along town trails to enhance security with public WiFi, light smarting and surveillance cameras.

NineStar Connect is a smart utility located in Hancock County offering fiber optic, electricity, water, and sewer services.