WARSAW - Warsaw-based nonprofit OrthoWorx has launched a new talent development event to attract and retain workers to the self-described Orthopedic Capital of the World. RealME, short for Real Manufacturing Experiences, is a one-day program to expose students to possible careers and educational pathways..

RealME is a follow-up initiative to DiscoverME which was created by a team of interns from OrthoWorx last summer. The week-long program served as an introduction to eighth grade students about advanced manufacturing and diverse careers.

This year’s program is geared towards sophomores from several Kosciusko County high schools.

 “We want students to be more aware of career and educational opportunities… while also learning about the process and realities of manufacturing through a fun activity,” said Kendra Perkins, lead team intern.

OrthoWorx declared DiscoverME a success last year as 68 percent of students acknowledging an increased awareness about local manufacturing in Kosciusko County.

“Our ME programs demonstrate an incredible collaboration between the schools, industry partners and various community stakeholders like OrthoWorx,” said Nichole Rouached, manager of communications & projects for OrthoWorx.

RealME will take place on National Manufacturing Day, October 4 at Grace College in Warsaw.