INDIANAPOLIS - Spot Freight Inc. has completed an expansion of its downtown Indianapolis headquarters. The logistics company, which moved into the second floor of the former Jillian's building in 2016, has renovated the building's third floor, doubling the size of its previous office space. Spot Freight says it has invested more than $2 million between its two expansions over the past three years and plans to continue the growth of its Indiana footprint over the next five years.

The new space includes room for more than 150 work stations, which the company says accommodates its increased hiring efforts and expanding customer base. In 2017, Spot Freight announced plans to create nearly 260 jobs by 2023. The company now employs more than 200 between its Indy headquarters and its satellite office in North Carolina. 

Spot Freight uses technology to help the logistics industry and co-founder Andrew Elsener says the tech scene in Indy has played a factor into his company's growth.

"It's growing, for sure, so there's an influx of talent and ideas and technologies coming into the market so we're glad to be part of it and think it's a great opportunity here," said Elsener. "Where we're located, number one, there's a ton of universities and colleges. It's a great city, especially for us being downtown. We have an awesome, cool place where people want to work and overall, the government and the city, they invest in companies and so we're able to grow and utilize the tools that they've given us."

Elsener says they're looking to hire very soon for various tech positions as the company is developing its proprietary software, RED. He says the logistics industry is going more toward the "Uberization" of trucking.

"Now, we're connecting drivers to technology faster," said Elsener. "Where back in the day, it was hiring a bunch of humans, now we have apps and technology that bring them together and start automating the whole process. Right now, it's really exciting in logistics. There's a ton of money and investment coming into this space."

The new space at the company's Indianapolis headquarters includes a two-lane bowling alley and gym. Elsener says it is part of the company's efforts to create a culture and working environment that is attractive and beneficial for current and prospective employees.