EVANSVILLE - An Evansville-based company is using Internet of Things technology to improve forklift safety. Quarion Technology has created a platform that uses real-time GPS data to help prevent accidents with mobile equipment. President Aric Pryor says in his 30 years in heavy industry, he has seen the dangers of mobile equipment in the workplace. He says he's also noticed how the industry has not adapted to those dangers to try and prevent them, which led to his idea for Quarion. 

In an interview for The Innovators with Dr. K on Inside Indiana Business Television, Quarion President Aric Pryor talked about the benefits of the technology.

"Because we do real-time location precisely and fast, we can do 20 times a second six-inch precision, we can actually now take control and do things to the forklift whereas in the past, there were just alarms and lights and they were failing to solve the problem," said Pryor. "So, we can configure zones pretty well anywhere in the building and cause actions to trigger or slow down or stop a forklift."

Pryor says there are over one million forklifts in the U.S., which creates a large market for his technology. He says the growth potential is high for Quarion but says more marketing efforts need to be implemented to let companies know the technology exists.

Pryor says he is in negotiations with potential investors to bring in growth capital and hire more employees and jump start a marketing strategy.