SOUTH BEND - A $3.9 million grant will support a research project co-led by a University of Notre Dame psychologist. Darcia Narvaez will work with University of Oklahoma Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing Director Nancy Snow on the "Self, Virtue and Public Life Project," which will cover multiple civic virtues initiatives. The full scope of the Templeton Religion Trust-supported effort includes 10 new, $190,000 research projects, two conferences for grant awardees, two edited volumes in a series titled "The Virtues" and two conferences for volume contributors.

Narvaez is a professor in the Notre Dame Department of Psychology. Her research areas include the development of well-being, morality and sustainable wisdom. Narvaez says "it is a particularly opportune time to be funding projects focused on public virtue. We are all struggling to understand how to be virtuous in the public sphere in a globalized world with heated tempers and instant and easily misleading communication."

Narvaez and Snow previously collaborated on a $2.6 million initiative on virtue, character and the development of the moral self that was also funded by Templeton.

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