The University of Notre Dame has announced a partnership to create the Center for Civic Innovation. The center will focus on innovative solutions to community and quality of life issues. 

The university's College of Engineering has launched the center in partnership with Notre Dame Research, the Center for Social Concerns, and the IDEA Center. Led by Director Jay Brockman, associate dean of community engagement and experiential learning at the College of Engineering, the center will bring Notre Dame together with local stakeholders to find solutions to various issues, such as safe and affordable housing, lighting, and stormwater management.

"The University wanted to create a focal place where research and innovation that is beneficial to St. Joseph and Elkhart counties can come together," Brockman said. "We’ll work with people in the city, neighborhood associations, community development corporations and schools, among other groups, to determine a priority list that matches what’s needed with what the students and faculty can do. Our goal is to work with the community to find resolutions to important issues, not to do things for or to the community."

Brockman adds the center will also introduce young people to in-demand careers in the STEM fields through its work in local primary and secondary schools. You can learn more about the Center for Civic Innovation by clicking here.