LAFAYETTE - Comcast has announced plans to invest $2.7 million to expand its network building in Lafayette. The company says the project is part of an effort to prepare for future growth throughout Tippecanoe County.

Comcast will build a 2,000-square-foot addition to the building, which will house all of the company's electronics and include a fully-redundant power supply and its own heating and cooling system. The company says virtually all of its customers' Internet connection, phone calls, and videos pass through the building and the addition will ensure customers will continue to receive reliable service.

"Greater Lafayette continues to be a growth center of advanced manufacturing, research and development, entrepreneurship, innovations and the use of cutting edge technology," said Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski. "Comcast’s investment in their network facility helps to ensure our position in the global economy along with enhanced quality services for our citizens."

Comcast says the investment will allow the company to grow its customer base in Tippecanoe County, introduce new products and services, and stay ahead of growing demands.