AURORA - A Walmart (NYSE: WMT) location in Dearborn County is the first in the state to debut new technology for online shoppers. The store in Aurora is now using the company's new Pickup Tower, a 16-foot tall structure that acts almost like a vending machine and can fulfill an online order in less than a minute.

Walmart says customers can order their items at the company's website and select the "pickup" option at checkout. Once the items arrive at the store, an employee will load it into the Pickup Tower and the customer can retrieve them by scanning a barcode that is sent to their smartphone. 

Walmart began testing the Pickup Towers in 2016. In addition to being the first in the state to use the new technology, the Aurora store is also the first in the Cincinnati region to use it.

"The Pickup Tower pilot phase has been so successful Walmart is expanding it to additional locations across the country – and we’re proud to be the first in the state," said Store Manager Jacob Kerns. “This technology is designed to give time back to our Aurora customers with a new shopping experience.”

Walmart says the technology an example of its "commitment to digital acceleration and innovation, as well as convenience."