Governor Eric Holcomb has signed the two most high-profile bills of the 2017 General Assembly into law, complimenting legislators on both sides of the isle for their collaboration. House Bill 1001, which maps out the state budget for the next two years, funds many initiatives Holcomb laid out in his first agenda as governor. House Bill 1002, which is hailed by Holcomb as "a truly historic moment in the state's history," calls for around $1.2 billion in additional spending each year for road and bridge work.

During a bill signing ceremony Thursday at the Statehouse, Holcomb touted the long-term impact of the legislation. "Both these bills are going to transform our state from where we gather today at this very moment in the 'people's house' to where we want to be five, 10, 20 years from now. Just think about all that we're going to have the ability to accomplish," he said.

Before signing the budget bill, Holcomb named several of the initiatives he pushed for including: the Next Level Indiana Fund, which now allows for state funds to be used for higher-risk/higher growth ventures like technology startups; money for Indiana airports to attract direct flights; and, of course, the road infrastructure package that Holcomb calls "the largest, nonstop, sustained building program that this state has ever seen."