WEST LAFAYETTE - Purdue University's College of Pharmacy has been appointed by the national Board of Pharmacy Specialties as the nation's sole provider of continuing education for board recertification in nuclear pharmacy. The program will be available at Purdue through December 2022.

Nuclear pharmacy involves compounding and dispensing radioactive materials for use in diagnostic imaging and therapy. Craig Svensson, dean of the College of Pharmacy, says this is the first time the college as submitted a proposal to offer the continuing education program.

"We are proud to have a history of providing an excellent education in nuclear pharmacy to our students, but many pieces had to come together for us to be able to offer a robust and rigorous program for all pharmacists across the nation who utilize continuing education offerings as the pathway for board recertification," said Svensson. "We are honored to have been selected by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties."

Marlene Heeg, managing director of continuing education and professional development for the College of Pharmacy says all pharmacists are required to complete a specific number of hours of accredited continuing education each year to meet state licensure requirements. The Board of Pharmacy Specialties also requires recertification in nuclear pharmacy every seven years.

"Our program provides content that can satisfy both the continuing education requirements for each of the states and the Board of Pharmacy Specialties' continuing education option for recertification in nuclear pharmacy,"  said Heeg. "We strive to provide a high-quality learning experience in both the content provided and the delivery of that content. The program will be continuously assessed and improved to identify performance gaps and ensure educational objectives are achieved for each of our subscribers."

Nuclear pharmacy became the first of seven specialty areas designated by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties in 1978. You can click here to learn more about Purdue's continuing education program.