Teamwork for engineers

Labor force problems will remain severe, and unmet labor needs can stifle growth. The inevitably higher costs of talent require new emphasis on making teams much more effective. Fortunately, there are ways to do this, and we need not wait for artificial intelligence and other future technologies.... Read More

Preparing Technical Talent for Management

Companies can ensure technical professionals are prepared to manage others but only if they’re willing to reconsider their approach. To secure and keep a deep bench of tech talent, successful organizations invest in the professional development of their engineers and technical professionals.... Read More

Foundational Skills to Leverage in the New Year

Being proficient at completing the technical aspects of your position can only take you so far. To stand out from others, strong foundational skills are required. Individuals who are self-aware and adept at communication and relationship building, position themselves and their organizations for success.... Read More

Improve Organizational Performance Using Strategic Decision Making

History has proven it: strategic planning is less valuable than it could be. The traditional strategic planning practice that involves business units presenting to executives on a periodic basis is outdated. This particular approach too often relies on assumptions or inherited legacy plans rather than data. It also limits constructive dialogue about market dynamics and […]... Read More