Factors in determining your company’s value

Determining the right asking price is crucial for a successful sale. An accurate valuation of your business requires considering multiple factors, such as financial performance, assets, intellectual property, customer base, and market share. Careful analysis of your business's unique attributes and the current market landscape can aid in setting a competitive and realistic asking price. Here are some key points to consider regarding the influence of market pricing on the timing of a company sale.... Read More

Strategic steps to take before you sell your company

Before initiating the sale process, it's crucial to evaluate the financial health of your business. Prospective buyers will closely examine financial statements, profit margins, cash flow, and growth potential. Engaging a professional accountant or financial advisor can provide valuable insights to ensure your financial records are accurate and well-organized.... Read More

Preparing for success: Navigating personal planning before a liquidity event

Entrepreneurs and startup founders often concentrate solely on their business ventures and neglect crucial aspects of their personal and financial well-being. This lack of preparation can lead to negative outcomes when it comes time for an exit event. To avoid these potential consequences, it's important to consider the following key steps well ahead of time, ideally at least one to two years prior to a liquidity event.... Read More

Planning for your smooth transition

Deciding how and when to exit one’s company is a challenge that faces all owners. The stakes are generally high, as most owners have a substantial portion of their family wealth invested in their business. This necessitates proper preparation and advanced planning to ensure that they can eventual transition out of their business, on their own terms and timeframe. ... Read More