Should you buy international stocks?

After years of underperformance, international stocks started strong in 2023. While historical performances never guarantee what may occur in the future, being aware of the current international investing environment in light of past outcomes provides good input for your investing decisions. Here are three reasons you should consider investing in international stocks.... Read More

Tax loss harvesting: Be careful

Tax loss harvesting is the investing equivalent of making lemonade from lemons. However, be careful, as you could accidentally generate more taxable income if you are unaware of one important item. ... Read More

Where are you putting all that cash?

For the past decade, it has been incredibly difficult for savers to earn much on their cash savings. However, this is changing as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to battle inflation. As a result, yields on various cash vehicles are now becoming more interesting.  ... Read More

What investment could beat owning an NFL team?

Earlier this month, the Denver Broncos sold for $4.65 billion. If this deal goes through, it would be the highest price for an American sports team. Considering the prior owner purchased the team for $78 million, there were many comments about how great an investment pro sports franchises can be. But, is that always the case?   ... Read More

Market Sell Off: Consider Tax-Loss Harvesting

Avoiding the urge to sell stocks during a market downturn is generally a good strategy, as downturns tend to be short-lived. The recovery can happen quickly and often when the outlook appears the worst. However, there is one tax strategy that might be useful during times like these, tax-loss harvesting. ... Read More

Self-Investors: Value or Growth?

As of the beginning of April, value stocks are outperforming in all areas of the stock market. We see strong returns in large, medium and small companies, as well as international companies. What is c... Read More

How to Build a Post-COVID Portfolio

The Coronavirus has changed our lives - what we do, where we go, and how we interact. In fact, there’s increasing evidence that COVID could fundamentally change how we invest our money in the future. ... Read More

Real Estate: Coronavirus Impact

When people think about real estate, buying and selling homes generally comes to mind. However, in the investment world, real estate is generally dominated by office buildings, industrial warehouses,... Read More