COVID-Accelerated Health Tech Developments Here to Stay

COVID accelerated developments in the consumer health tech space; features that were once simply novel conveniences are now in-demand – and even expected – tools for navigating everyday life. Until COVID-19 hit, health technology was seeing steady growth – but the adoption and reinvention of consumer-focused health technologies spiked with the pandemic as we became […]... Read More

Balancing Security and Privacy with Tech-enabled Convenience

The pandemic has accelerated the advancement and adoption of tech – but we can’t forget to balance security and privacy concerns with tech-enabled conveniences. There were many aspects of life that slowed down or came to screeching halt during the pandemic, but technology certainly wasn’t one of them. In fact, the pandemic accelerated both technology […]... Read More

Buying a Connected Device

Did Santa leave you a connected device under the Christmas tree, or maybe you’re considering the purchase of one with gift cards you’ve acquired? Connected, or “smart,” devices are an increasingly popular gift – but they’re not all created equal. Learn more about the “Three S’s” of evaluating a smart device so it can be […]... Read More

2020 Tech Predictions

The past decade brought an incredible leap forward in technology: just 10 years ago, we were all celebrating the iPhone 3GS, with its “impressive” three megapixel camera. Oh how the times have changed. 2020 – and the “roaring twenties” – will evolve technology to places that seemed like science fiction only a few short years […]... Read More

Avoiding Smart Home Device Pitfalls

It’s that time of year again! The days are shorter, we change out the pumpkin lattes for peppermint, and holiday music fills the air (everywhere…whether you want it to or not). Smart home devices are an increasingly popular holiday gift – but they’re not all created equal. Learn more about what to look for in a […]... Read More