Hiring strategy: Actively pursuing passive candidates

Sourcing and securing top talent remain top priorities in 2024. In the world of talent acquisition, passive candidates—those not actively seeking jobs—represent a goldmine for companies. Securing these individuals requires a nuanced approach. While the U.S. Labor market was projected to slow in 2024 and employers are being more discerning about who they hire, the need for key positions and general positions in 2024 is still strong.... Read More

The importance of a well-crafted PTO policy: Trends and considerations

While there are many critical components to employee benefits packages -- such as healthcare and pay, which generally top the list -- paid time off (PTO) is a critical part of your company’s total rewards. We often talk about remote, hybrid, and flexible work arrangements, which are attractive and gaining a lot of attention, but we aren’t talking as much about paid time off.... Read More

The ROI on upskilling, reskilling, and skills-first practices

We’ve been talking about the war on talent and the smaller workforce for several years. Baby boomers have left the workforce in large numbers. Hybrid and remote work make it more difficult to fill some roles. Many employees don’t want to work with the general public or work fixed hours.... Read More