People are Indiana life sciences’ ‘X’ factor

As we entered the 21st Century, Indiana’s leaders looked to better understand which industry sectors could drive our economy into the future that would provide good jobs for Hoosiers, increase investment from inside and outside the state, attract the best and brightest from other places, and keep our own homegrown talent from leaving the state […]... Read More

Indiana Continues to Punch Above its Weight in the Life Sciences

Science is built upon data, so each year we use statistics to highlight Indiana’s life sciences sector. It is important to analyze and report these details so that we can track progress and identify areas for improvement. So, as Kai Ryssdal from Marketplace says each day, “here are the numbers” and the highlights from 2021: […]... Read More

Life Science Startups Are Catching Investors’ Attention

Online and big box retailers aren’t the only ones that are getting an influx of capital this holiday season. Several Indianapolis-based life sciences start-ups have raised considerable funding to continue moving their innovations from the research and development phase to the bedside. These include two startups in the BioCrossroads’ Indiana Seed Fund III portfolio that […]... Read More