We must not fund our own destruction

If the headline sounds ominous, that’s by design. This is not hyperbole. The United States is funding numerous Chinese companies—many with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese military. This is the very country which, by all accounts, is posing the most serious threat to our national security in our lifetime.... Read More

America’s field of (microchip) dreams

“Build it and they will come.” The phrase has been used in business for decades—a way of saying, ‘start that company and it will succeed.’ And while baseball fans flocked to the Field of Dreams in the iconic movie from 1989, anyone who has started a business knows, it takes more than just a great idea. It takes that plus dedication, persistence and a solid strategy. Sometimes it also takes incentives, big monetary incentives.... Read More

How Indiana is Helping the U.S. Win the Hypersonic Race

The daily, horrific reports from Ukraine show just how far Russia is willing to go in what amounts to a senseless and unprovoked war. The tragic toll on human life is unfathomable. The situation reminds us of the importance of our strategic alliances with our European allies as Russia attempts to flex its military muscle.... Read More