Happy Valentine’s Day: Flowers, Chocolates and Love in the Office

2022. The Beast is the castle’s “CEO” and he rules with an iron fist, demanding the highest performance from his enchanted workers. His most loyal employee is Cogsworth, the castle’s majordomo who was transformed into a clock. Cogsworth, you might say, is the castle’s “COO/VP of HR,” and the Beast relies on him for trusted counsel. After lovely Belle is ensconced in the castle, the Beast falls madly in love with her. Unfortunately, the Beast has no idea how to show Belle how much he loves her, and he sadly laments to Cogsworth that he wants to do something special for her but can think of nothing. Cogsworth wisely responds, “Well, there’s the usual things . . . flowers, chocolates . . . promises you don’t intend to keep.”  ... Read More