Sending your child off to college? Don’t forget these important documents

My daughter is heading off to college this fall for the first time and the list of tasks to complete before she even steps on the quad is daunting and exciting.  The university has provided to-do items, friends and family have offered tips and tricks, and I just added estate planning to the list.  That’s right, before my 18-year-old daughter leaves our home, she will have executed her financial power of attorney, HIPAA release, healthcare power of attorney, living will, and last will and testament.... Read More

Act Now! This Deal Won’t Last!

Does this title look like every other email subject in your inbox? Then you know it’s the holiday season. But don’t rush to click on these enticing offers. Put down your phone and start making a holiday plan.... Read More

Tax refund: Save or spend?

When planning for taxes, most of us target (or hope!) for a small refund or a small tax bill. However, you might receive a larger-than-expected refund for any number of reasons. So what should you do with your windfall? ... Read More

Loss of a loved one

The loss of a spouse or life partner is traumatic, especially during the holidays.  Research indicates that deaths increase during the holiday season and winter months, but there is no significant known factor... Read More

Student loans 101

There’s been a lot of discussion about the cost of college, student loans, and student loan forgiveness – with good reason. According to eLearningWorld, college costs have increased 4.6 times more than inflation over the past 50 years. ... Read More

Widow Sells Her House: Tax Consequences?

After living in the house for over fifty years, Harry and Sally's love for the home wasn't the only thing that appreciated – so had the value! Sally's realtor priced it at $750,000. It was time to paint not only the trim, but also time to trim the tax liability!... Read More