‘Genetically elite’ soybeans score Pacers deal

A uniquely Indiana business deal involving NBA basketball, a major ag producer and farmers is putting a new crop in the spotlight at one of the biggest Hoosier venues: Gainbridge Fieldhouse. The partnership between the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) and Pacers Sports & Entertainment Inc. means fried food at all Gainbridge Fieldhouse events will be […]... Read More

Music therapy reaches crescendo in Indy

Music therapy is hitting a high note in central Indiana. Two new efforts—one focused on patients and the other on training tomorrow’s clinicians—are expected to give more Hoosiers access to the healing power of music.... Read More

Cancer Center to be new training ground for translational PhDs

Cancer treatment is increasingly moving toward personalized medicine, also called precision medicine, which recognizes that every tumor is unique and must be attacked in a unique way. The approach is powered by genomics, in which scientists sequence the tumor’s DNA. However, IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Associate Director of Education Dr. Hari Nakshatri says the […]... Read More

Concussion app expands to opioids

Dramatic growth since commercializing its product in 2019 is only the first chapter of Brightlamp’s story, says Chief Executive Officer Kurtis Sluss. The Indianapolis-based startup created a smartphone app called Reflex; initially envisioned as a method to detect a concussion within seconds, Sluss says “the single most exciting thing is seeing how [its use] seems […]... Read More

Device aims to add extra layer of safety during sedation

Just weeks ago, a Texas jury awarded a family more than $21 million after a routine surgery on their 27 year-old son left him in a vegetative state. The jury agreed the tragic outcome was the result of starving his brain of oxygen when his airway wasn’t properly monitored during the surgery. South Bend-based Aeris […]... Read More