Paragon Builds $16M 3D Printing Center for Implants

The global market for 3D printed medical devices is expected to grow by $2.3 billion in the next four years, says a global technology research company. While 3D printed medical devices encompass a variety of devices, it was orthopedic and spinal 3D printing that took the largest slice of the revenue “pie” in 2020. With […]... Read More

Notre Dame Developing Device to Diagnose Heart Attack in Minutes

Despite the urgency of treating a heart attack, the process of diagnosing one can seem painstakingly slow. In most cases, when a patient comes to the emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack, doctors will order a troponin test. However, the test measures a marker that can take up to six hours after a […]... Read More

World’s First Smart Knee Opens Door to More Smart Joints

An Indiana-based orthopedic powerhouse is launching the world’s first “smart” implant. Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc.’s new Persona IQ Knee Implant is embedded with tiny sensors that—inside the patient’s knee—measure range of motion, step count, walking speed and other gait metrics. The data is delivered wirelessly to the cloud, so the patient and clinician have newfound […]... Read More

Pitch Win Boosts Freezer ‘Pod’ for Vaccines

If the brilliant engineering minds at Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis know how to cool fire-hot jet engines, perhaps they could also help surmount one of the biggest challenges in the global distribution of Covid-19 vaccines: keeping them cold. The concept has crystalized into an Indiana-made freezer “pod” called ArcticRx, which its creators say can keep contents […]... Read More