Great nonprofits have great boards

As a foundation that supports many nonprofit organizations, Ball Brothers Foundation has had a front row seat to see how excellent boards have transformed organizations over the years. We strongly believe in the importance of outstanding board governance and leadership, as good boards have a profound effect on an organization's ability to serve its constituents and adapt to meet changing community needs.... Read More

We took a long, hard look at the early childhood education crisis locally; Here’s how you can help

300. That’s the astonishing number of children on waitlists at just a handful of childcare centers in Muncie, Indiana. While there may very well be some duplication within that number (some families may put their children on multiple waitlists to better compete for an open spot), it’s a sobering indication of just how bad the national early childhood education crisis is, even at just the local level. ... Read More

How we can all help preserve the White River, and why it matters

Everything starts somewhere. For the White River, it’s in a farmer’s field in Randolph County just south of Winchester. The river winds its way through farms, woodlands, industrial sites, small towns, and even big cities, eventually feeding into other rivers that take the waters to the Mississippi River. ... Read More