High inflation, strong dollar – a contradiction?

Inflation is measured by the cost of a basket of goods and services over time. You may be surprised to learn that while prices are increasing at the fastest pace since the 1980s, the US dollar has simultaneously been increasing in value and is the strongest that it has been since 2002. ... Read More

Market jitters – don’t panic!

So far this year, markets have been under considerable pressure and continue to experience high levels of volatility. This has resulted in large market swings, both positive and negative. As equity and fixed income assets across the globe decline in unison, it is imperative to tune out the day-to-day headlines and remain committed to the strategy of a personalized financial plan. ... Read More

Hawkish Fed: Good for Your Portfolio?

The stock market kicked off 2022 with a bang, ushering in the worst performance to start a year since 2016. Despite a strong first trading day of the year in which markets closed at new record highs, the week concluded with all major domestic indices meaningfully negative. What went wrong? ... Read More

Wow! Inflation over 7%

‘Transitory’ inflation? What’s that? As consumers, we see higher prices on goods and services that we purchase every day. Is this inflation short-lived or are higher prices here to stay? And, what’s the Federal Reserve doing about it? ... Read More

China’s Real Estate Problem

Evergrande, China’s largest and most indebted property developer, has recently been in the news for missing interest payment deadlines, putting the firm at risk of bankruptcy. Investors are concerned... Read More

Take the Job or Unemployment?

Would you accept a job that was going to pay you less than what you could earn from collecting unemployment insurance? Many Americans have been facing this scenario as economies re-open from the COVID... Read More

Summer Sizzle: $4 Per Gallon Gas!

Despite persistently low inflation numbers, prices on many things have been rising. Many experts think oil and gasoline may be next to experience a significant jump in price. What is causing this incr... Read More

Inflation and the Great Fed Money Pump

Despite a global pandemic and widespread government-imposed lockdowns, the S&P 500 in 2020 finished 18.4% higher than where it began, a staggering return considering it was down more than 30% at its l... Read More

Got Cash…Want Interest!

It’s a dilemma!  You have cash, need to hold it for emergencies or for a future purpose, but you are earning almost nothing from the bank. Why are interest rates so low? You want to keep the money saf... Read More

Confusion in the Oil Markets

How can the price of anything be negative?  If the price on an item is negative, that means the “seller” is willing to pay the “buyer” to take the item.  Sound crazy?  That is exactly what happened to... Read More