About more than teeth: Oral health’s broader impact

Oral health has an impact well beyond your mouth. It’s true: Seeing your dentist is about a lot more than teeth and gums. Regular dental check-ups benefit you in more ways than just a nice smile. In fact, oral health has been proven to affect everything from nutrition to socialization and poor oral hygiene can lead to general health issues including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.... Read More

Lead poisoning happens here; get your kids tested

Every once in a while, lead poisoning generates big headlines. Earlier this summer, 300,000 children’s cups were recalled due to higher-than-allowed lead levels. More recently, the state of New York sued a landlord for exposing children to lead paint.... Read More

Early diagnosis, treatment offer hope for Alzheimer’s patients

There’s understandably a lot of fear surrounding Alzheimer’s. After all, it’s a terrible disease that kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined, and its symptoms can be baffling and debilitating. However, as understandable as those fears are, they’re complemented by a pair of myths that we simply can’t allow to persist because, every day, those myths prevent millions of people from living better, happier lives.... Read More

We must connect Hoosier parents to early services for children with autism

This spring, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report that revealed, once again, an increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The latest numbers show that one in every 36 American children has been diagnosed with autism, an increase from one in every 68 a decade ago. Twenty years ago, the incidence was estimated to be one in every 150 children.... Read More

Stop disease comeback stories with vaccinations

While Americans typically love a good comeback story, there’s one taking place today that poses a growing – and preventable – threat to our communities and children: Childhood diseases are making a comeback as a result of a continued decline in childhood vaccination rates. ... Read More

Teen dating violence: Something to talk about

If you’re a parent, you know talking with your kids about things that matter is important. From bullying to diversity and from money management to “The Birds and The Bees,” the topics are critical for pre-teens and teenagers. These days, though, parents should include something else in that conversation: a discussion about what healthy dating relationships look like.... Read More