Tax time: The most wonderful time of the year

That’s right, it’s tax time once again! Before you start working on that filing, make sure you have everything you need. There’s nothing worse than getting a notice later in the year that you owe more money because of an error. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.... Read More

Is the 60/40 portfolio dead?

The 60/40 portfolio has long been used by moderate-risk investors. The equity sleeve could provide long-term growth, while the fixed income sleeve could dampen volatility and smooth the ride for investors. But after a very rough 2022, some are questioning the ongoing viability of the strategy.... Read More

Guaranteed income in retirement

A common fear among retirees and soon-to-be retirees is running out of money. And as we now know, social security is not designed to be a retiree's only source of income. Let's explore another avenue for creating guaranteed retirement income.... Read More

CDs: Guess who’s back

With its aggressive rate hikes in 2022 and continued moderate hikes in 2023, the Fed has raised rates to the point where investors can now find yield without taking on too much risk. The days of earning 0% yield on bank accounts and not much more on conservative bonds are behind us for the moment. So what does that mean for investors?... Read More

Here’s your early 2023 checklist

It may be the start of a new year, but we’re not going to discuss resolutions. Too many bad connotations for great intentions and disappointing results. Or is that just me? Instead, let’s talk about a few financial items to think about as the year commences. Is that similar to resolutions? Yes, but it’s all about branding.... Read More

Let’s play poker: Go with the odds!

In my last article, I discussed the importance of a long-term focus when investing and why such a focus has historically served investors well. With markets continuing to gyrate wildly, is it time for a different approach?  For the answer, let’s evaluate the stock market’s odds of winning and losing over the long run. ... Read More

Investing for the long term is more than just talk

We always encourage our clients to think long-term about their investments. This is not just an empty platitude; we encourage it because it works. With markets going haywire this year, trying to avoid further losses can be tempting, but that often ends up hurting more than it helps.... Read More

How to Invest with the Cool Kids

You are at a party, hanging with friends, or simply eavesdropping on a nearby conversation and you hear about someone investing in an exclusive fund that is not available to just anyone.  Impressed by... Read More