Let’s play poker: Go with the odds!

In my last article, I discussed the importance of a long-term focus when investing and why such a focus has historically served investors well. With markets continuing to gyrate wildly, is it time for a different approach?  For the answer, let’s evaluate the stock market’s odds of winning and losing over the long run. ... Read More

Investing for the long term is more than just talk

We always encourage our clients to think long-term about their investments. This is not just an empty platitude; we encourage it because it works. With markets going haywire this year, trying to avoid further losses can be tempting, but that often ends up hurting more than it helps.... Read More

How to Invest with the Cool Kids

You are at a party, hanging with friends, or simply eavesdropping on a nearby conversation and you hear about someone investing in an exclusive fund that is not available to just anyone.  Impressed by... Read More

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies

A little over eighteen years ago, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. Later this month, we will be dropping her off for her freshman year of college. Where did the time go?! As I re... Read More

Know Your Target Date Fund

Assets in target-date funds reached $1.58 trillion at the end of 2020. Many people have chosen to use target-date funds as an easy one-stop shop for their investment (and especially retirement) needs.... Read More

COVID and the Markets – A Year Later

Faithful readers (hi mom!) will recall that it was about a year ago that I wrote about the potential impact of a new virus that was starting to spread worldwide. The virus turned out to be much worse... Read More

What’s a SPAC?

Year-to-date, SPACs (Special-purpose acquisition companies) have raised over $48b, more than the last ten years combined. It seems like every day a new one gets announced, often with a recognizable na... Read More

Excess 529 Money…Hmmm, What to Do?

You diligently saved to a 529 account over the years and watched the balance grow. Now the beneficiary of that account has graduated from college – congratulations! Looking at the latest statement, yo... Read More