Elevating quality of life on a fiber foundation

As regional efforts work to address Hoosier workforce attraction, especially in the WestGate@Crane Technology Park regional microelectronics expansion, key elements come into play to elevate quality of life. The higher the quality of life, the more attractive the region becomes to qualified talent. A key fact? High-speed fiber connectivity forms a key foundation on which to build up quality of life, especially in rural areas.... Read More

Beyond fiber: Transforming Indiana cities and towns

Faster travel times, efficient energy, improved public safety, more efficient healthcare delivery, higher quality of life – these represent expected benefits as fiber infrastructure connects people together in new and innovative ways. How will this come about?... Read More

Lessons from rock quarries to the speed of light

How did a rural telephone company linking quarries together survive – even thrive – over a century to reach speed-of-light communication services through fiber business and residential internet, backhaul for digital cell phones, and increasingly multi-dimensional experiences through the online metaverse?... Read More

Broadband: Elevating an Essential Service

In the months and years ahead, many will chronicle the lessons learned in this global pandemic. One will stand out – high-speed broadband moved from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” essential service... Read More