Pet-friendly perks are valuable to employees

During the COVID-19 pandemic, animal adoptions skyrocketed as employees working from home sought out new (and furry) office mates. But with some companies transitioning back to office life, workers are wondering how their pets will cope without them.... Read More

Reclaim your future by managing health risks today

In the past two years we’ve seen people’s health — and the significant progress we have made in cardiovascular health overall — unravel. Many of us delayed doctor appointments, took on record-breaking stress levels at work and at home, and turned to unhealthy behaviors in an attempt to cope with the constant “new normal.”... Read More

Indy Needs to Foster STEM in Girls

Indianapolis is fortunate to be home to numerous life sciences companies. And while I have the pleasure of working with many women in those organizations, the stark reality is that women make up less... Read More