Residents Hopeful for Restoration of B.G. Pollard Lodge

A long-vacant building just outside the confines of Indiana University was once a beacon of pride for Bloomington's Black community. Today, the B.G. Pollard Lodge is a potential target for new development and was placed on the 2021 10 Most Endangered List from Indiana Landmarks. Residents such as former lodge member Gene Devane hope the building can be remembered for what it did for the local Black community.... Read More

Family Hopes for Preservation of Davis Clinic

In Grant County, a family of doctors in the early 1950s brought innovative medicine and architectural design to Marion. The Davis Clinic, designed by high profile architect Harry Weese, opened in 1952 and recruited some of the country's best doctors providing specialized care the city didn't previously have. The now-vacant clinic has been listed on Indiana Landmarks' 10 Most Endangered list.... Read More