Customer service: It’s the secret sauce

How are we doing? Have you asked your customers that question recently. It can feel daunting since you might not always hear rave reviews. This year our company marks its fifth year in business, so we decided to ask customers.... Read More

Clicked the bait, screen is blank, now what?

Imagine this: You’re going through emails, spy an urgent message from an online vendor asking you to click to confirm important information, and you do it. Suddenly your computer ceases, freezes and stops working. Yep, it was a hacker. It’s time to activate the company’s data recovery plan…if you have one.... Read More

Insource or outsource IT: Seven questions to drive a decision

The Wall Street Journal ran an article several months ago questioning if IT departments are a thing of the past. The idea stuck with me. Hiring is hard right now. There are five million open jobs and simply not enough people ready to go to work to fill them. Couple this with inflation driving up the cost of a full time IT staffer and business owners are scratching left their heads. Here are questions to consider if your team is trying to solve the insource or outsource riddle.... Read More

7 Tips to Help Your Help Desk Representative

We’ve all been there. It’s a busy day in the office, the to-do list is a mile long, and suddenly, a computer snafu stops the workday. It’s frustrating. It feels monumental. It’s time to call for help. You think: How long will it take? Will the help desk rep really be able to help? How long will my computer be down? First take a deep breath then use these tips to help the help desk representative get you back up and running.... Read More

Malware: It’s Not Just in Your Inbox Anymore

Astaroth, DarkHotel, Fireball and Echobot are all great names. But they’re malware that can create havoc in a computer. While most computer users are now savvy and tuned into how tech villains serve up malware, recent studies show malware is getting more sophisticated. Here’s the story and how to avoid getting lured into clicking with regret.... Read More