Zimmer Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ZMH) has announced a more than $13 billion deal to acquire Biomet Inc. Both companies are based in Warsaw. The transaction is expected to close early next year. Zimmer President David Dvorak will be president of the combined company. April 24, 2014

News Release

WARSAW, Ind. – Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE and SIX: ZMH) (“Zimmer” or the “Company”) and Biomet, Inc.'s parent company (“Biomet”) today announced that their respective Boards of Directors have approved a definitive agreement under which Zimmer will acquire Biomet in a cash and stock transaction valued at approximately $13.35 billion, including the assumption of net debt. The transaction, which is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, is expected to close in the first quarter of 2015.

The merger of Zimmer and Biomet will position the combined company as a leader in the $45 billion musculoskeletal industry and is aligned with Zimmer's strategic framework, which focuses on growth, operational excellence and prudent capital allocation. The combined company is expected to deliver attractive growth by offering a more comprehensive and scalable portfolio of solutions with enhanced cross-selling opportunities. In addition, the combined company is expected to advance innovation to benefit healthcare stakeholders, and stockholders are expected to benefit from a more diversified and predictable revenue mix consistent with the comprehensive portfolio. Upon closing, the transaction is expected to be double-digit accretive to Zimmer's adjusted diluted earnings per share in the first year. Cash flows from operations are expected to increase by 1.5 times Zimmer's stand-alone estimates.

“This is a milestone combination that brings together two highly complementary organizations and is consistent with our mission to lead the industry in delivering value to healthcare providers, their patients and stockholders,” said David Dvorak, Zimmer President and CEO.

“The transaction positions the combined company as a leader in the musculoskeletal industry with a broad portfolio of products, technologies and services, enabling us to help shape how solutions are developed and delivered. We believe that current demographic and macroeconomic trends affecting the healthcare industry will reward companies that successfully partner with other key stakeholders to improve patient care in a cost-effective manner. Together with Biomet we will expand the scope of our innovation programs and will enhance our efforts to provide integrated services and comprehensive solutions that address the needs of our customers. At the same time, we believe that this merger will further support our long-term growth and stockholder value creation strategies.”

Mr. Dvorak continued, “This combination is about achieving growth and cultivating best-in-class solutions. We have a great deal of respect for what the management team and employees have accomplished at Biomet, and we are confident in their ability to be a very important part of the combined organization as we bring our two world-class companies together and cement Warsaw, Indiana as the musculoskeletal innovation capital of the world. Both companies share a common set of values and a track record of success integrating acquisitions, which gives me great confidence that we will achieve a smooth transition and capitalize on the opportunity to create a new company that is comprised of the best of Zimmer and Biomet. We look forward to combining the strengths of both teams to restore mobility, alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for patients around the world.”

Jeffrey R. Binder, Biomet's President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “The combination with Zimmer will prepare us to compete as a stronger entity in the medical device industry of the future. Our combined scale will extend the reach and influence with which we pursue our common passion: delivering products and services that benefit our customers and the patients we ultimately serve. Biomet and Zimmer share a 36-year history of mutual respect. Both companies are deeply rooted in the communities in which we operate and believe that we can only be successful in business if we are successful in helping healthcare providers improve the lives of patients. We are equally committed to delivering quality products and outstanding clinical results and to legal and ethical behavior in the markets where we do business. And as companies focused almost exclusively in the musculoskeletal industry, we are passionate about orthopaedics and the related medical technology markets that we serve.”

Mr. Binder continued, “Biomet and Zimmer are blessed with talented team members and independent sales people who are dedicated to their companies and to their customers. With today's announcement we are now additionally committed to blending and maximizing the best of our combined talents, capabilities, technologies and cultures to bring to life a great new company.”

Strategic and Financial Benefits of the Transaction

Zimmer and Biomet believe that the merger positions the combined company for enhanced innovation opportunities, consistent with Zimmer's value creation framework. The complementary nature of the two businesses adds diversity and scale across various geographies and product categories.

A more comprehensive portfolio of solutions and commitment to innovation: Zimmer and Biomet share a commitment to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the healthcare system's unmet needs. The combined company will offer an even broader range of personalized solutions that benefit providers, surgeons and their patients. Through its integrated business model, the combined company will be positioned to enhance the value chain for its stakeholders.

Musculoskeletal diversification and scalable platforms: Given the complementary nature of the portfolios, the combined company will offer a greater depth and breadth of musculoskeletal solutions to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction levels. The combination will enhance enterprise diversification with broader franchises in the Knee, Hip, Surgical, Spine and Dental categories, as well as in the faster-growing Sports Medicine, Extremities and Trauma categories.

Global distribution channels and cross-selling opportunities: Both Zimmer and Biomet have proven teams of talented and experienced employees and sales representatives who have strong customer relationships and are committed to medical training and education. Zimmer and Biomet expect to leverage complementary sales channels in major markets to achieve cross-selling opportunities, while also strengthening their presence in emerging markets through the combination. The combined company's broader portfolio is expected to help its sales force to be more effective in all geographies, increasing its ability to help physicians and healthcare systems improve patient outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

Stronger financial profile and solid earnings accretion: The 2013 combined calendar year revenues of Zimmer and Biomet total approximately $7.8 billion, with combined adjusted EBITDA of $2.8 billion. The transaction is expected to be double-digit accretive to Zimmer's adjusted diluted earnings per share in the first year following the closing. Zimmer also expects to achieve net annual synergies of approximately $270 million by the third year following the closing of the transaction, with approximately $135 million anticipated in the first year.

Strong balance sheet and cash flow generation: The combined company is expected to generate cash flow from operations of more than 1.5 times Zimmer's stand-alone financials. In addition, Zimmer expects the strong cash flow to enhance the combined company's future financial flexibility and allow Zimmer to maintain a stable dividend of 15 to 20 percent of net income following

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