Yelp has released its list of the top 50 restaurants in Indiana. The site says the rankings are based on the quantity of recommended reviews and the overall star rating of each business. Some of the other listed restaurants are located in Bloomington, East Chicago and Michigan City.

The top ten restaurants on the list include:

1. Caplinger's Fresh Catch, Indianapolis

2. Taste of Havana Cuban Sandwiches, Indianapolis

3. Goose The Market, Indianapolis

4. Yats, Indianapolis

5. Santorini Greek Kitchen, Indianapolis

6. Three Carrots, Indianapolis

7. Panini Panini, Michigan City

8. Locally Grown Gardens, Indianapolis

9. Twenty Tap, Indianapolis

10. Delicia, Indianapolis

You can connect to the top 50 list of Indiana restaurants by clicking here.

Source: Yelp

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